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About soOverwhelmed and The Pebble Breeze -   I love encouraging others, and I'm very serious about what I do.  For the hearts who may be overwhelmed, know that you can experience peace, have joy and live your best life even in the midst...

My assignment is to encourage hurting people and share hope.  First let me say, I'm not exempt from the stresses of life. And yes, there are times when  I get overwhelmed too.  

Isaiah 43:2 

The Pebble Breeze was created during a time when I was overwhelmed with grief, I paused and got in a quiet place, a place of stillness.  I  cried, meditated and prayed for relief of the pain of grief. I also prayed for direction for my life and peace. 

I already understood my assignment in life. I learned this many years ago during a time when I was seeking my purpose. I asked God to show me my purpose of being here, to help me make peace with my past,  and help me to become whole.

Although I really didn't understand  what I was asking at the time.  I learned that my purpose in life was to help other people who are hurting. To share with others there is hope.  No one is perfect and becoming whole is a part of life's  journey. 

from previous experiences I know - sometimes you have to pause, and help yourself.  

It was during the pause, I begin to create The Pebble Breeze

The Pebble Breeze exist to shared  encouragement, and hope to God’s creations who  are overwhelmed and feel there is no way out of their misery.  Its for those who feel there's  no answers and no purpose for their existence.  Its for people who are overwhelmed with the daily expectations, duties, and responsibilities of life.

It's for anyone who wants to come in and take a pause from day to day life, and relax.... 

...hey don't be stressed if others may not  understand you, because on the outside you appear to be fine, and you look OK to them. Guess what, not everyone is going to be truthful about being overwhelmed because of the label, being misunderstood, embarrassed or because of their image and pride.  They wear what I call the Mask, not the pandemic mask, I'm referring to  (pretending, faking it)...

...although I can't save lives, I refused to sit back and not share hope. You never know, The Pebble Breeze may help someone not to give up. 

If your not overwhelmed please share The Pebble Breeze with others who may  want to come in, relax, and find comfort and encouragement. 

Enjoying the beach, and its amazing beauty is one of my favorite places to pause. It offers the stillness I sometimes need. It's the  place where I get renewed. Just the touch of the water and the sand brushing against my feet. Sometimes walking, reading, or just staring into the ocean watching the skyline or sunrise and sunset on the beach brings me joy. 

I named this encouragement website The Pebble Breeze, which represents, a renewed strength and comfort, a breath of fresh air... It reminds me of the gentleness of Gods holy spirit.

Like the Pebble - although the  contact and pressure from water and sand  over time may change its form, it becomes smooth...it keeps its strength.

When I see a Pebble on the beach, I think of creation- If we choose to respond to life stresses, like struggles and adversities in a positive way, seeking solutions we too can be strengthen. 

My own personal experience of grief, challenges, adversity, sadness and living (I refer to  these as high tides) is the reason I can write about feeling overwhelmed.

There have been periods of grief and sadness  throughout my life because of so many losses of loved ones. Although challenging, I have learned not to react based solely on what I feel nor what things may look like, but to take life in small doses when feeling overwhelmed. To take one day at a time, believe and trust God to get me through the hide tides.

I decided even in the midst of pain, I will not be defeated. I will not give up.

 although you may be feeling overwhelmed, you too can experience peace even in the midst of...

Psalm 138:6-8 Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: Thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.