encouragement content added as I navigate through life

Is there a cure for being overwhelmed? hmmm...you can surely find moments of joy in the midst... 

knowing if you are an introvert or extrovert can help to avoid or reduce some of the stresses in your life 

...of course these are just a few descriptions of introverts and extroverts...and no, they do not apply to all people...

Go where you find fulfillment and comfort and live your life...now that just may be a cure for being overwhelmed...

knowing if you are an introvert or extrovert can help you to avoid some of the stress in life ...who knows you may be a little of both...


  • constant socializing can be overwhelming 
  • enjoy quiet living, love being still 
  • can be a good listener.
  • uneasy about asking favors from others
  • stay out of the day to day living of others  
  • trustworthy and loyal
  • if given the opportunity working alone is preferable
  • after events, social gathering...need time alone to recharge


  • loves to talk, talk, talk...lol
  • thinks something is wrong with introverts 
  • thrive in busy environments
  • outgoing nature
  • enjoy being in a crowd
  • act more impulsively
  • tend to avoid spending time alone...may consider it boring

overwhelmed...pause, reflect and find a little laughter at shore

 humor  can be joy to the soul

make peace with your life...Embrace who you are...live...and try not to complicate it...

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